Accumulator Testing and Certification


East Yorkshire Hydraulics is an Olaer Fawcett Christie Hydraulics authorised service centre.

In the UK most gas loaded accumulators will require examination to ensure compliance with PRESSURE SYSTEMS SAFTEY REGULATIONS P.S.S.R. (SI 2000 No. 128).

AccumulatorThe key points relating to the legislation are as follows:

  • Nitrogen Gas filled accumulators are designed to store energy.
  • The regulations are designed to reduce the risk of a sudden release of stored energy
  • Safe operating limits are established by checking and recording that the maximum system pressure does not exceed the maximum working pressure of the accumulator
  • Relevant records are maintained and compliance can be demonstrated.
  • An established maintenance procedure is required and regular checks are carried out
  • A competent person needs to be appointed to prepare a written scheme of examination.


Our trained engineers can ensure your accumulators are safe and legal.